The Beam Laser Machining Center is the best laser cutting machine on the market today and represents absolute state of the art in laser machine design and manufacture. The LMC range is ideally suited for complex cutting, drilling and engraving tasks in a wide range of manufacturing, model making, and prototyping shops.

The Laser Cutting Advantage

Laser cutting greatly simplifies the design and manufacturing process. Any pattern drawn on a computer can be directly engraved on, or cut from many materials without tooling - quickly turning an idea into a manufactured part.

Laser cutting frees you to design complex parts that are difficult to make with conventional tools. The focused laser beam, as small as .004 inch, produces intricate detail and very sharp corners. The process is non-contact, allowing delicate materials to be cut without damage. There are also no cutting tools that can wear or break.

Flexible Manufacturing

Many manufacturing companies are increasingly interested in flexible manufacturing. Market pressures demand the ability to quickly make small quantities of parts or efficiently change between jobs. Computer controlled tools that do not require elaborate tooling or expertise are becoming much more popular.

Our machine eliminates the need for expensive tooling or time consuming setup changes. This allows you to make parts quickly and adapt to changing production needs. Prototypes, small jobs or large jobs can be run with equal efficiency. Multiple jobs can also be combined and cut in a single batch.

Our Laser cutting machine