Leather, Rubber, Cork & Wax


Many organic materials, as well as natural and synthetic textiles, can easily be cut with a laser. The lack of thickness, coupled with their high combustion ability minimizes the power output requirements of a laser to no more than a few hundred watts. The resultant edges are clean and free from fraying. Even material with fiber or steel cord reinforcement can be cut with a laser.


Both natural gum and synthetic rubber materials in thicknesses up to 9mm readily vaporize from the heat of a focused laser beam. With a Beam Dynamics system, you can achieve high precision on items such as gaskets.

The laser is completely non-contact, so you don't have to worry about stretching or distorting of the material due to the impact of a cutting tool. There is also zero tool-load, so distortion due to material handling is not an issue.

We use computer generated cutting paths to make it incredibly easy and inexpensive for cutting jobs of any size. No dies or expensive re-tooling is necessary when cutting parts, meaning you can increase profits on short runs. With a faster turn-around and lower costs, you will be able to take on more jobs, be more competitive, and ultimately bring in more customers and generate new business.