Precise, flame polished parts right off the machine.

Precise, flame polished parts right off the machine

Although plastic is easy to cut with a router, it requires time-consuming hand work afterwards in order to create acceptable edges. Our machine produces precisely cut parts with beautiful flame polished edges directly off the machine. And because there are no router bits to replace or post-processing required, you can save a tremendous amount of time and money.

Increase the throughput and flexibility with a large table area.

Our machine provides a 48 inches x 48 inches cutting area with a pass-through that allows cutting parts of unlimited length. Our system also provides up to 12 inches of clearance for cutting or engraving on non-sheet material or on parts requiring fixturing.

Produce parts faster and cheaper.

Perfect alignment with our Digital Registration System.

Automatic Digital Registration of printed parts on existing registration marks assures perfect alignment when cutting. We program the system to use up to 10 registration marks, which can read crosshairs, printed dots, the edge of the part, or even an area of the printed graphic itself. We no do not have to try to align parts by eye. With a Digital Registration, parts are aligned quickly and precisely, to within .001 inch.

Produce parts faster and cheaper

Our machine allows you to produce intricate designs that are difficult and expensive, if not impossible, for a router. Our Laser machine can also cut at speeds much faster than routers or low powered laser machines. The high speed and acceleration of our machines dramatically reduce cutting time. Our machine incorporates flying optics, where the part being cut remains stationary while the laser beam is directed by mirrors. This high-speed design in completely non-contact, so there are no tools to wear or break, and your parts won't get rolled on during cutting.


Kiss-cutting Applications

Kiss-cuts of any material are a breeze and can be done simultaneously with through-cuts, making the laser ideal for overlays and labels. Designers can make labels that include an added tab that makes the label easier and faster to apply, significantly decreasing application time and increasing their value for you as a customer.