Masonite, Plywood, Veneer & Other Woods


The industry standard in laser cutting, Laser Cuts machines are ideal for companies producing intricate wood parts, architectural models, custom woodworking or inlays from wood. Our tool-less machines produce perfect parts, splinter free and with beautiful edges, cut from any type of wood-based materials. Backed by years of experience, the Beam Dynamics laser machine is the ideal addition to any production floor.

The Laser Cuts Difference

Our machines can cut wood up to ¾ inch thick without burning or charring. All types of wood can be cut rapidly and cost-effectively, whether it's a prototype, small job or full production run. With virtually no setup time, multiple pallets and automated operation, there can be a dramatic reduction in operating hours compared to traditional cutting machines.

Laser Cuts is an important service for any wood shop for many reasons, including:

  • Less material waste: Small kerfs give extremely precise cuts, resulting in a decrease in wasted materials.
  • No burning: Our high powered, sealed laser results in faster material removal, so there is no burning.
  • The small tool cut width (kerf of .006 inch) enables the cutting of any shape that can be drawn.
  • Tool variability eliminated: Absolute repeatability with a tool that never dulls.
  • Zero tool load: Clamping, complex, or dangerous holding methods are not required when cutting with a weightless beam of light. This is also very helpful when cutting small parts.