Jean Pierre Besenval

Made after the style of our friend, Jean Pierre Besenval, who lives, works, teaches and paints in Paris France. He paints fantastic furniture which is appreciated in many parts of the world.

One of his subtleties is that he paints on older original furniture from ~1850. Another part of his "new-old" furniture is his use of casein paint , which his brother manufactures. He studied in Italy and learned the style while there. In my opinion he is a master.

We did a chest in his style to commemorate the birth of our niece's daughter. The Father's note was sent to me as a letter, and I engraved it into the lid of the chest. It was too sweet of an experience to pass by. All of the wood work was masked, cut on the laser, painted, and finished, then assembled.

Carnations Chestright

Inside Lid Swans

Italian Cityscape

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